Friday, September 29, 2006


Don't install the new update. It will slooooooooowwwwwwww down your system big time. I have been fighting with my computer all day.

On the other hand, the new version of Internet Explorer aint all bad. Its finally got tabbed browsers.

Here's how to get involved in your child's education -Lifestyle-Here's how to get involved in your child's education - (9/29/2006)

Most principals and educators are passionately committed to teaching your children.

But ask these dedicated women and men what else factors into a child's school success, and you'll hear a rousing cheer for parents who are involved in what, and how, their children learn.
Oh... silly me. I thought it was the schools job to teach children.

No homework, or not enough? If your child is not bringing home any homework (not all teachers believe in it), don't fret about lost opportunities to work together. Go online or to the library together to find books about topics being studied or get a jump on curriculum not yet covered.
Hmmm... how about too much homework?

I'm still around

What a busy week... soccer games every night, my girlfriend has been studying for her nursing final, and I have been busy writing an upcoming article.

Lets sum up:

My son was out for two days with strep throat, so he missed his TAG program.... boo hoo. Sarcasm intended.

I wrote another note to my 3rd grade girls teacher complaining about the amount of homework she had... I was given a message in no uncertain terms was she going to change her policy.

My 6th grader has taken to algebra like a fish to water. She also is earning a 99% in her science class.

My 1st grader's teacher had to physically restrain a child who became abusive.

Oh... and I'm off to Myrtle Beach tomorrow.