Saturday, September 20, 2008

Palin and experience (less genius, more common sense).

It's ironic that the same people mocking Palin for her inexperience are championing the same experts to get our economy out of the position that they put themselves in.

We need a little less genius and a little more common sense.

Don't get me wrong, if she supports this mess then I am done with her as a VP candidate, but if anyone should be attuned to the Main Street aversion to bailing out Wall Street it should be her.

Unfortunately, I think McCain might muzzle what would be her natural position.

Liberals and Wall Street

Let's be clear.  This financial crisis was created because the liberals (and Bush) liked the idea of the poor being able to buy houses, and Wall Street figured out a way to profit of the idiocity of the whole concept until the whole ponzi scheme went bust.

I think there will be an inevitable push against deregulation, but deregulation wasn't the problem.  The problem was the expectation that the government would be there to bailout the companies, since they were the ones pushing for an "ownership society" anyway.  Well it looks like they were right...

I blame HGTV and their endless run of "house flipping" shows.  In a few years we went from a country where the middle class was happy to have 3 bedrooms to a country where they were putting in granite counters in the ghettos.

Government paychecks for a government bailout

Every single person working for AIG right now should have his paycheck cut to a reasonable government salary.

If we go ahead with this bailout of Wall Street, it should be on the condition that any company we (the government) buy toxic debt from should have to cut salaries by half (at least).

My vote is officially up for grabs again, and goes to the first candidate to take a stand against the bailout of the corrupt and incompetent.