Friday, August 29, 2008

This bear underestimated Sarah Palin too

Photo by STEPHEN NOWERS / Anchorage Daily News

A day after Obama's big speech...

The New York Times is...

All about Sarah Palin.

I sort of thought Obama's Denver speech sucked anyway.

Sarah Palin on Education

Supposedly, this is an education oriented blog so...

Sarah Palin from a Time magazine interview

Yeah, just a myriad of examples I can give and how being a mom changes my perspective. And education is very, very important to me because I have got kids today in the system, in the public school system. I want to make sure that we are adequately funded, but that we have high standards and accountability in our schools so that every public dollar is spent wisely. Because I walk into those schools on a regular basis and I want to make sure that our public schools are as good as they can be because my kids are a part of them.

Hot Governor

Wow, I am the number one link when you google the term "hot governor".

No wonder my traffic went up.

Still, she is the hottest governor, and soon to be hottest VP in our nations history.

But, let me be absolutely clear. I support Palin (and McCain), not because she is hot, but because she kicks ass. Besides, Barack Obama scares me.

Mayor of a Small Town vs Community Organizer

Palin as Mayor of a Small Town

- elected by people who looked her in the eye

- executive experience equivalent to that of a CEO of a medium size company

- responsible for day to day operations in a city that was going through astounding growth and that is located in Alaska

- made critical budget decisions

Obama as Community Organizer

- elected by nobody

- no executive experience

- responsible for organizing street marches in a windy city

- made office supply purchase decisions

Now would someone please hit the "shut-up" at the Obama campaign, please.

UPDATE: Corrected spelling error (spell check didn't work so well)

Parentalcation Endorses McCain/Palin

Ok, it was a no duh endorsement, especially considering my previous posts on how Obama scares me.

The cool thing about McCain picking Palin is how it has the democrats completely worked up.

Guess who posted this:

But a heartbeat away from the presidency? Someone with virtually no serious political experience, and no serious experience of any other kind to make up for it?

Rush Limbaugh? Nope, it was liberal blogger Kevin Drum.

He then goes on to say:
I don't know how she'll do on the stump or in the debates. Maybe she'll be great. Who knows? But a potential leader of the free world? You gotta be kidding.

I wonder if he forgot that he supported Obama?