Friday, October 05, 2007

Good things about Aurora Elementary on Elmendorf Air Force Base

I know I complain a lot, so here are some really cool things about my kids school and classes.

My 4th grade girls teacher uses a wireless surround sound system so that all of the kids can hear. He is also setting up a class blog.

My 2nd grade teachers doesn't assign reading stories from their whole language text book, instead she sends home photocopies "decodeable" books on the sly. She also has assigned several reading groups in class based on skill level. My daughter is in the lowest, but is improving tremendously.

The school has a really active running club for all grades and puts on track meets. They also have a great P.E. program, and plenty of recess.

My 4th grade son's teacher doesn't overload with homework, which is great, even if he has to do the occasional poster.

The staff is super friendly.

Oh and the math teacher at my 7th graders school pulled out some antique "old school" math text books from 1991 to supplement the "integrated" math books bought by the district. She told the class that they would be mostly working out of the old books. Get this, the old books actually have math stuff in them.