Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Is There a Particular *Reason* that Former Elementary Student Barack Obama and his Surrogates Refuse to Acknowledge that Sarah Palin is a Governor

Is There a Particular *Reason* that Community Organizer Barack Obama and his Surrogates Refuse to Acknowledge that Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska?


NOTE: Original post deleted because Independent George pointed out I was out of line, which I was. I apologize.

I told you so

This post is a preemptive "I told you" so for me to link to in the future, after the following events take place.

1. Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC kicks ass.

2. Sarah Palin performs awesome at her first interview/press conference.

Oh, and to really enjoy it, I am including this video for all my doubting thomas readers.

Oh, it's going to be so enjoyable. Feel free to use it as well.

Big yawn over Sarah Palin smear campaign

Folks, it looks like the smear machine is running out of oil. Fortunately the left wing outsmarted themselves. They piled up so much shit in such a short period of time, they forgot to realize that it all gets ignored for the big scandal of the daughters pregnancy. In the long term, the only thing that the public is going to remember is that a poor 17 year old was put through the ringers because of the left wings invasion of privacy.

Prediction: The heat will intensify out of desperation on Thursday after Governor Palin's highly successful speech.

Obama has nightmares about Palin

You know it's true. Obama lies in bed at night thinking about Palin. In the last few days, the only argument that the Obama campaign can make against McCain is that he picked Sarah Palin.

I say, yes, yes he did choose her. She isn't going away. He should be scared.

It's pretty sad when a Presidential candidate finds himself running against a VP candidate, and still loosing.

Irony of left wing attacks of Sarah Palin...

Let's be absolutely honest here. McCain gambled. I am not denying it. I understand the left wing attacks on her. They recognize that she is charming, and has the potential to destroy Obama/Biden in the election, but here is the irony in their concentrated attacks.

McCain can not cut her loose period. If McCain cut her loose, nothing short of capturing Obama on video having crumpets with Osama Bin Laden would be enough to win the election. That is a fact.

All the attacks and dirt dug up in the next week (I doubt it will take longer than that, and I suspect most of the major dirt has already been found), and unless they come up with a true smoking gun, it will all fade into memory within two to three weeks.

At that point, the McCain/Palin ticket will simply rest on how well she handles the media.

Now I am going to wait right here, but go over to youtube and watch every Palin video you can find. Go... now... I'll be here when you get back.

Ok, your finished finally.

Now honestly, what were your opinions.

Exactly. "Wow" is exactly what I thought. She is frickin good.

The media will start every interview with the full intention of ripping her to shreds, but once she flashes that smile and lets out that self depreciating laugh a few times, the reporters or more importantly the audience will be putty in her hands.

The haters will always be haters, but we don't need their votes. We need the votes of those middle class working Americans who will realize that Palin is just like them.

Sorry, got off track there. Bottom Line: concentrated attacks help us since they will blow over sooner. McCain won't get rid of her, so no use trying.

Where is Sarah?

Kevin Drum - Mother Jones Blog: Where is Sarah?

WHERE IS SARAH?....Has Sarah Palin granted an interview yet to the national press? Just curious. I haven't seen one yet. They're going to have to let her face the media mob eventually, aren't they?
UPDATE: Here she is in People magazine. It's the obvious choice, and I imagine that Fox News and GMA and Parade are on deck too. The national political press corps that might actually press her on serious issues, though? Wait and see.

I have been wondering the same thing.

So here is my prediction. She will give a knockout speech Wednesday, which will overshadow the fading dirt dug up on her over the weekend. Then she will warm up with the Fox News channel, moving on to charm the pants (figuratively) off of the rest of the national media.

She will be the hottest ticket in town to get an interview with, since every producer in TV news land is dreaming of being the one to trip her up, but I am guessing that within two weeks, all the hatred will turn into Obama squared type love. The key difference being, she actually has substance and executive experience.

Keep the Sarah Palin hits coming...

The hits and dirt coming flying faster than the right can reply, dilute, rebutt, or explain; but it occurred to me, what's the point. I don't think it matters, because the majority of voters aren't blog reading political junkies, and are going to end up loving Governor Palin, and here is why:

1. Pregnancy - The only thing voters are going to take home from this pass weekend is that her daughter is pregnant and she was forced to talk about it because of horrible Internet rumors. Palin 1 - Left 0.

2. Flip flops on the bridge to nowhere. The general public doesn't care. Every single politician they have ever heard about has been accused of flip flopping. Once the words bridge and Alaska are mentioned, the rest is going to sound like "blah, blah, blah..."

3. Troopergate: any 60 minutes investigation is going to end up with this simple conclusion. The trooper in question did for a fact at least do the following: taser an 11 year old, threaten to kill Governor Palins parents, drink on duty in his patrol car, and all he got was 5 days suspension.

4. Charm. The simple fact is that she is very very charming and articulate. As soon as the first interviews are shown on network TV, the public will come away with the impression that she has her shit together.

5. America will identify with her. She has more in common with the average American than any national politician in decades.

So bring on the dirt, the rumors, the accusations; All publicity is good publicity, at least in Governor Palin's case.

I hate myself for this...

Sarah Palin Facts · Little Known Facts About the Alaska Governor:

- Sarah Palin isn’t allowed to wield the gavel at the convention because they’re afraid she’ll use it to kill liberals.

- Sarah Palin can divide by zero

Sorry, but it's funny, and I don't think it will do major harm to her reputation. Palin certainly has replaced Obama as the most interesting politician. She makes Obama look like Joe Biden.

Lisa Bloom OK's personal attacks on Obama's Children.

Howard Kurtz - A Blogger, a Baby, a Cry of Concern - washingtonpost.com:

"It is hardly unusual for a teenage girl to become pregnant, and unless she is Jamie Lynn Spears, who sold her baby pictures to OK! magazine, the news value is minimal. But some media commentators say Palin is fair game, not just because she is running for national office but because she is a self-described 'hockey mom' who told the nation that her eldest son is headed to Iraq.

'Once she's brought her children in as selling points, unfortunately the bad comes in with the good,' says Lisa Bloom, a Court TV anchor. 'She's integrating her mom quality as a key part of her résumé. We didn't do that in the press; she did that.'"

According to that logic, the fact that Obama let an interview of his family be released, it's A-OK to gossip about his family.