Friday, July 11, 2008

TFA love... what it would take!

What it would take for me to start having some TFA love?

1. A tilt towards elementary education, or at least an acknowledgement that TFA math and science teachers are just a stop-gap until elementary school education is fixed.

2. An expansion of recruiting into working professionals and retiree's. If TFA's recruiting and training system is so great, wouldn't it work to identify smart motivated middle aged or older professionals looking to make a difference.

3. Drop the whole "pipeline of leaders" meme. We need more soldiers and less generals, more teachers, less administrators.

4. Start your own Education School. One that conducts real research and then uses it to produce superior teachers. Certify your own teachers.

5. Wendy Kopp's phone number. Just kidding Mr. Barth, I am married (and might need a job someday).