Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still alive

Last week my unit had a big inspection, so I spent the last few weeks prepping for it.  This week, we are having an exercise, so I am on 12-hour shifts.

I swear my blogging will pick up next week... and it won't be about politics (probably)... I am so burned out on the election.

My kids are doing fine, though they still get to many stupid homework assignments.  Hint to teachers... if your homework assignment requires construction paper, and you aren't teaching Art, then chances are you are an idiot.

Oh, my 2 1/2 year old is potty trained.  She is some sort of potty training prodigy... she picked it up in less than a week.  Took my other kids ages.  Of course now I spend my time emptying the little kid potty bowl.

I need to start taking classes again, but I am procrastinating.  Going to have to get it over with... only a few more classes until I get my Bachelors degree.

Interesting tidbit:  I have written way more words, and done way more research, on this blog than I have done in my entire college career.