Sunday, August 24, 2008

Preschool gains aren’t universal at Joanne Jacobs

Preschool gains aren’t universal at Joanne Jacobs

Preschools don't make lasting gains because they are poorly run. Their curriculum often boils down to nothing but a glorified Sesame Street episode.

To top it off, when the students reach elementary school, they are introduced to the world of fuzzy math, whole language, sight words, constructivism, all run by educators that despite four to eight years of "higher education", haven't even heard of Project Follow Through, or accurately define direct instruction.

Meanwhile, publishers make millions and millions of dollars off of text books that are nothing more than more colorful versions of the same antiquated way of teaching that was used twenty years ago.

Simultaneously, well meaning charter schools spend tens of thousands of man-hours developing programs to try and bring middle schoolers up grade level, all while remaining silent on the atrocious process our country calls "education".