Monday, September 01, 2008

Democratic Underground surfs teenagers myspace account for dirt on Governor Palin.

Quick, before it's scrubbed - Democratic Underground

Screen shot before its taken down...

I sent a myspace message to the girl warning her... hopefully she makes her myspace profile private.

Going to try and take the day off from blogging...

Every time I go online, I come across another drive by on Governor Palin, in what is turning out to be the largest organized smear job in political history.

Going to go watch TV.

Barack Obamas campaign issues press release demanding to see DNA proof that Sarah Palin's kids are hers...

Today the Obama campaign demanded that Sarah Palin offer concrete proof that her children are really hers.

Not content with photo's showing Sarah Palin pregnant 5 days before giving birth to her youngest son Trig Palin, they are demanding that she produce birthing videos, and DNA analysis for each and every child.

An Obama spokesman was quoted as saying "She is much too hot to have given birth five times, besides everyone knows it is way to cold in Alaska to conceive children. We have reason to believe that her kids are the prodigy of Hitler and Stalin."

Meanwhile, Obama tauts his executive experience as a community organizer in Chicago.

"I remember the struggles with getting the residents to march in a straight line during a protest march, but by chanting "Yes, we can" over and over, they overcame, and by god, they marched in a straight line."

Sarah Palins Baby

I feel dirty even having to post this, because the disgusting rumors about Governor Palin and her son Trig are the lowest of slimeball politics I have seen, at least since the evil rumors about Senator McCains daughter brought by the Bush campaign 8 years ago.

All I have to say is that the liberal blogosphere is going to come out of this with a lot of mud on their face. It's to bad, because I use to respect bloggers like Kevin Drum, Mathew Yglesias, and Andrew Sullivan.