Friday, January 19, 2007

D-Ed Reckoning: More on cognitive ability

D-Ed Reckoning: More on cognitive ability

What he said...

The Item - South Carolina

The Item - South Carolina: 2 children killed in Sumter County crash

Yesterday we had an ice story. Shaw AFB and both local colleges implimented a weather delay to report for work. The two local school districts did not.

We held out kids out of school for a few hours until the weather cleared up, because we were worried about the safety of the roads and thought the school districts were a bit stupid.

Today a teacher at a local high school is in the hospital and her two small children are dead after their car hit a tractor trailer head on while rounding a curve during some icy weather, yesterday morning.

The base and the colleges notified everyone the night before, so it wasn't like the districts didn't have any warning.

Safety first.