Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I rock

I just smoked some salmon.

It tastes awesome.

To the teachers... Stop the Stupid Projects!

To all the educators who read this blog.

Stop the useless projects.  Seriously, please stop it.  

Stop wasting my kids time coloring stupid stuff that has nothing to do with the subject.  

You think you are being creative.  You think you are making things interesting.  What you don't see is the hours my kids spend at the table, stressing over whether their glue smeared or their lines are straight.  You don't see the $100's of dollars we spend every year on poster boards, crayons, printer ink, felt pens, etc... 

If you really think my kids have too much time on their hands at home, just have them copy sentences out of a textbook.  They would learn more... and I wouldn't be cleaning dryed up glue off of my kitchen table as a result of a Social Studies project.

Thank you.