Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Set Sarah Free

I'm with K-Lo over at the Corner.

As everyone knows, she's in New York City through tomorrow. I realize she has a busy schedule. I know she has Katie Couric time to carve out. But as John McCain does anything but inspire, how about a total Sarah charm offensive? Drop by and see old friend Larry Kudlow. Give Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the girls a drop-in. Tell Alan Colmes you really missed him last week. Call Rush Limbaugh (you know, the guy who hailed you as a conservative "babe" months ago, finally.
The McCain campaign needs to let go of their death grip on Palin and let her go on a charm offensive.  Let her answer questions from the media.  Let her go on the View.  

If she can't hack by now, then McCain picked the wrong person.  I happen think she will do fine.