Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Set Sarah Free

I'm with K-Lo over at the Corner.

As everyone knows, she's in New York City through tomorrow. I realize she has a busy schedule. I know she has Katie Couric time to carve out. But as John McCain does anything but inspire, how about a total Sarah charm offensive? Drop by and see old friend Larry Kudlow. Give Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the girls a drop-in. Tell Alan Colmes you really missed him last week. Call Rush Limbaugh (you know, the guy who hailed you as a conservative "babe" months ago, finally.
The McCain campaign needs to let go of their death grip on Palin and let her go on a charm offensive.  Let her answer questions from the media.  Let her go on the View.  

If she can't hack by now, then McCain picked the wrong person.  I happen think she will do fine.


Brett said...

What did you think of the Katie Couric interview?

Parentalcation said...

Palin got a C.

Couric got a B.

Anonymous said...

I would probably go for a wider spread--but then there's the effort thing, I guess. Having Couric on the other side of the table was just too poignant a reminder that being female doesn't mean being an airhead. I thought Couric looked almost motherly as Palin struggled to figure out what to say after she remembered she wasn't supposed to say "caricature" about the border with Russia comment. Mean old reporters mocking poor little Sarah.