Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin and the inevitable "experience" question

I think the "experience" question is going to be the most difficult question to answer during Sarah Palin interviews. Sooner or later the "executive experience" answer will get old.  

As a Palin supporter (and one who totally thinks the left and right have the completely wrong impression of her), I would like to see her answer the "experience" question something along the lines of this.  

If by experience do you mean do I know how things are done in Washington, then by that definition, I don't have it, but I am not going to Washington to do things the same old way it's been done for years. But I do have experience in harnessing the best and the brightest of all parties and working across the isle to accomplish things that benefit the people of Alaska. As VP, I will use this experience to work across the isle and help John McCain develop realistic and workable solutions to the problems of energy and the economy.

Pretty balanced article on Governor Palin - by those who know her best

Palin's leadership: Opinion

The Anchorage Daily News has an op-ed piece up about Governor Palin.

It's definitely no puff piece, but there are some key points they mention that the media and the left aren't aware of.

Palin is the only major political figure in the past 20 years who regularly comes to Daily News editorial board meetings by herself, with no flunkies or handlers.


Palin dislikes the give-and-take that usually helps smooth the way for political decisions. She states her case and expects legislators to base their actions on the merits of the issue.


One of Gov. Palin's great strengths as a reformer also has a downside. She has a fervent sense of what's right and what's wrong and has little concern for political consequences. This fearless sense of righteousness has generally served her well -- as when she went after Alaska's arrogant and corrupt Republican political establishment.


One big surprise about Palin's term as governor: She has been thoroughly bipartisan. Her most reliable supporters on her big three accomplishments have been Democrats. The partisan side that Palin showed in her acceptance speech Thursday is something Alaskans haven't seen in her time as governor.

Republican talking heads are idiots

It is so annoying to see all these Republican talking heads do such a crappy job of articulating Governor Palin's true views on issues.

At least three times this morning I have heard accusations from the left wing about Sarah Palin's views on sex education and creationism.

These are smart people, supposedly, so you would think they would be prepared for the untruths from the left.

Sarah Palin is not against teaching about the use of birth control in schools.

Sarah Palin has not pushed for the teaching of creationism in schools.

[UPDATE] They are less idiotic than the Democratic talking heads, but that is no excuse for not do a little background prep.

This is mandatory reading.  Palin Rumors

Janet Napolitano says "Commander of the National Guard" is "big responsibility."

I was watching a Charlie Rose interview with Governors Palin and Napolitano, and get this... Governor Napolitano is the one that brings up the significance of being a Commander of the National Guard.  She says "It's a big responsibility."