Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin and the inevitable "experience" question

I think the "experience" question is going to be the most difficult question to answer during Sarah Palin interviews. Sooner or later the "executive experience" answer will get old.  

As a Palin supporter (and one who totally thinks the left and right have the completely wrong impression of her), I would like to see her answer the "experience" question something along the lines of this.  

If by experience do you mean do I know how things are done in Washington, then by that definition, I don't have it, but I am not going to Washington to do things the same old way it's been done for years. But I do have experience in harnessing the best and the brightest of all parties and working across the isle to accomplish things that benefit the people of Alaska. As VP, I will use this experience to work across the isle and help John McCain develop realistic and workable solutions to the problems of energy and the economy.