Sunday, September 07, 2008

Republican talking heads are idiots

It is so annoying to see all these Republican talking heads do such a crappy job of articulating Governor Palin's true views on issues.

At least three times this morning I have heard accusations from the left wing about Sarah Palin's views on sex education and creationism.

These are smart people, supposedly, so you would think they would be prepared for the untruths from the left.

Sarah Palin is not against teaching about the use of birth control in schools.

Sarah Palin has not pushed for the teaching of creationism in schools.

[UPDATE] They are less idiotic than the Democratic talking heads, but that is no excuse for not do a little background prep.

This is mandatory reading.  Palin Rumors


rightwingprof said...

Uhm, do you have a typo here? If you don't, then I'm really confused.