Monday, September 08, 2008

Hillary deserves props...

Hillary Clinton, who I am a big fan of, deserves kudos for not being driven into "gutter" campaigning.  She continues to talk about issues, and refuses to follow the Obama campaign into the mud.

I hope Hillary is around for a while.

Obama: "The American people aren't stupid."

Steve Benen over at the Washington Monthly thinks that Obama's like "They must think the American people are stupid" is a good campaign slogan.

I admit that I am not neutral, but I don't think the line works that well, at least for swing voters.

I am not sure what would work for him, but I don't think he can turn Palin into a weakness, best for him to pray that she flubs on her own (though I don't think it's likely).

Democratic candidates don't do well on attacks unless it is on issues of "corruption".

I think a good move would be to take a deep breath for a week or two, then announce some sort of major position in his administration for Hillary Clinton (who was my initial pick). It might be too late, but it's his best shot to shore up his support.

If he had picked Hillary as VP, he robbed McCain the impact of Palin and he would of cemented her base of women voters.

I think in the end, its these two decisions (Hillary and Palin) that will analyzed over and over. This is the year of women. Sort of ironic that the Republicans stole the thunder.