Friday, February 29, 2008

My name is so much worse than Obama's

Republicans decry use of 'Hussein' in Obama's name -

Barack Hussein Obama isn't so bad. My middle name is Donald (way worse than Hussein), but if I catch you using it I will kick your ass.

p.s. google "barak obama scares me" and I am the top result. Pretty awesome huh.

Disclaimer: for all you Obama worshippers out there, I am only joking. Lighten up, and don't hunt me down and sacrifice me in some weird Obamite sacrificial ritual.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain visits

I was going to post about how John McCain stopped by the hotel that our conference was at yesterday, but in trying to link to the relevant post at his daughters blog, I came across a much more significant issue.

McCains daughters website has no way to link to individual posts. WTF... Seriously poor blog design.

For the record...

1. John McCain doesn't look that old in person.

2. He was very friendly to us military guys, but obviously pressed for time.

3. All I heard from his speech was "keep the Bush tax cuts, blah, blah, blah..."

4. His daughter Meghan really is a huge hottie.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am in San Antonio this week for a conference. Talk about urban sprawl... nothing but strip malls as far as the eye can see.

And it's way to hot as well.

The government wants you to pay your neighbors mortgage

House discusses $15 billion mortgage bailout - Mortgage mess-

WASHINGTON - Investors could sell up to $15 billion of troubled mortgages to the government under a plan key House members are discussing to bolster the U.S. housing market.

The tentative plan would allow the government to purchase up to 1 million mortgages over five years in an effort to help struggling borrowers avoid foreclosure and financial markets avoid more credit-related losses. The loans would be bought by the Federal Housing Administration, a Depression-era agency that insures loans made to borrowers with poor credit.

The effort shows that the housing crisis has evolved to the point where government officials are considering bailing out large groups of borrowers and Wall Street investors — something that seemed anathema to Democrats and Republicans all last year. Still, many lawmakers and the Bush administration have been leery of proposals that would transfer risks to U.S. taxpayers.
Next year your taxes might very well be used to subsidize refinancing that upside down ARM mortgage that your want-to-be house flipper neighbors bought two years ago, you know the ones... they make $50K a year, yet still managed to buy a house for $600K. Yes those people.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol 7

My wife makes me watch it... but for the record, these are the 6 guys who should make the top 12 finalists.

David Cook

Robbie Carrico

David Archuleta

Jason Castro

Michael Johns

Danny Noriega (I actually hate this guy and really, really want to punch him in the face, but its cathartic to scream at the television every once and a while)

The Importance of Alaska

The Importance of Alaska

What does the father of the U.S. Air Force have to do with Alaska? What does the world’s most advanced military aircraft have to do with the resource security of the United States? Byron King has some intriguing thoughts on these topics.

Billy Mitchell is a hero in the USAF, but he was also a big advocate of Alaska as well.

Part I of the series. See below for part II.

The Importance of Alaska

The Importance of Alaska

This is the second installment of a series on the strategic importance of Alaska. In Part I, Outstanding Investments editor Byron King discussed the life of Billy Mitchell, the father of the U.S. Air Force. Mitchell had a lot to say about both air power and Alaska. In this article, Byron will discuss Billy Mitchell some more and focus on both the geology of Alaska and its place in military strategy.
Bringing Alaska to blog land.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Designer jeans in Anchorage, Alaska? - American City Business Journals-

Designer jeans in Anchorage, Alaska? - American City Business Journals-

My new found home hits the national media.

The tumultuous years of oil booms and busts in the 1970s and '80s have given way to two decades of steady growth, and Anchorage's economy has expanded to include burgeoning retail, health care and tourism industries.

The influx of non-oil, non-military jobs has altered the city's demographics, making it less like a frontier town.

At one time, men far outnumbered women in Alaska. But in 2006, the city of 270,000 had 102 men for every 100 women, state demographer Eddie Hunsinger said. The ratio for the rest of Alaska was 108 to 100.

Leese Lloyd and Ashley Brusven, young baristas who grew up in Anchorage, said the notion that the city has an overabundance of men is an outdated stereotype.

"Where are they?" Brusven joked as customers in the adjacent New Sagaya City Market surveyed stuffed grape leaves, caprese, baklava and other un-Alaskan foods.

The city is also reshaping its modest skyline with a $100 million museum expansion, a $93 million convention center and a parking garage with room for 830 vehicles. Companies are putting up new hotels and glass-plated office buildings.

Anchorage really is quite civilized, but it's still Alaska and has its quirks. I regularly dodge moose in the road and dog sledding results are reported on all t.v. and radio sports round ups.

The winters here are over dramatized. It's actually a lot milder than some places in the northern lower 48. It's not that the winters are unbearable, they just last a long time. For me, I love it. When I see snow, I still feel like a kid, besides the skiing is great.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Battle of wills...

On monday, my sons "spelling" homework was to make a collage of spelling words. I made him write the words 3x each and sent a note in saying that we had run out of glue at home.

Today his teacher sent home a stick of glue...

Should I come up with another dumb excuse or just tell the teacher the truth... I am ethically opposed to cutting up perfectly good magazines and newspaper?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Barack Obama = Britney Spears

Barack Obama fans fill arenas with an eye on 'history':

"To hear those in the nosebleed sections explain it, playing hooky from work or school to see Obama has become less about politics, and more about bearing witness to history - the phenomenon that is Obama."
I wonder if these same people will still watch as closely if he self-destructs. Of course they will, witness Britney Spears. | Money : Housing hard times hit builder and his clients Money : Housing hard times hit builder and his clients

Baker's troubles seem to coincide with a slowdown in the local housing market.

Home sales have dropped, builders are seeking fewer construction permits, and homeowners are having to wait longer to sell their properties.

Foreclosures also have surged as some homeowners struggle to make mortgage payments.

But builders and other players insist the sky isn't falling for the local real estate market.

They say the Anchorage area isn't experiencing anything like the collapse of the late 1980s, when home construction far outstripped demand, prices crashed and many builders, bankers and property owners found themselves hopelessly under water.

They also say the Alaska housing market has remained fairly isolated from the Lower 48 housing depression brought about in part by easy loans to home buyers with weak credit.

Dan Fauske, who heads the Alaska Housing Finance Corp., a state lending agency, contends the local market is sound, though not what it was a couple of years back.

"It's actually, in my estimation, a pretty good buyer's market," he said.

Still, Fauske and others said it's not surprising the downturn could nail some builders such as Baker's Discovery after a string of bullish building seasons.

"Last year, people were pretty much in denial that nongrowth was happening," said Chuck Spinelli, owner of Spinell Homes, one of the area's largest home builders. "Everybody thought that by spring and summer of last year, this little hiccup bubble would be over and we'd be on the fast track again. By fall, everybody realized it didn't happen and there were some harsh realities showing through."

The whole local housing industry has tightened up for leaner times, he said.

Spinelli said he normally builds and sells 150 homes a year on average. But that slowed to 88 homes last year, he said.

"Nobody is out there lending money on speculative building the way they were a year and a half ago," he said.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bush signs ...

President Bush signed the increase the debt, pander to the electorate, wont do any good, send money to China, delaying the inevitable economic stimulus bill today.

Bush signs stimulus package into law - Stocks & economy-

Barack Obama scares me...

Barack Obama : : Change We Can Believe In Share this video and invite your friends to join our movement

The "Cult of Obama" is really beginning to scare me. I was over at his website reading some of the user comments about the text of his latest victory speech, and the commenter’s come across more as Britney Spears fans than concerned citizens. Now the man can speak, but speaking isn't necessarily saying anything.

Don't get me wrong, Obama would make a great cult leader, but as a President? We can do better than Obama, yes we can...

(p.s. this video freaks me out)