Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama reminds me of my kids...

When I first heard about Obama's "pig in lipstick" comment, I thought... no, he ain't that dumb.  Then I found out that he followed it up with an "old pig" joke.

He knew what he was doing.  He was doing what my kids do.  Insulting someone with an innocent look, and them feigning ignorance.

I am calling Obama a liar.  He knew.  He meant it.  

Kudo's to you Obama... now you get to say "burn".

Have you noticed...

Have you noticed the media smears and non-stories written against Sarah Palin are having a shorter and shorter lifespan.

Now, Obama's "lipstick on a pig" smear is lasting.  A smear only lasts as long as the public want's it to.

Hollis French claimed 5x the per diem of Sarah Palin

Thanks to Governor Palin, the state of Alaska publishes it's "checkbook" online for public viewing.

I decided to go and compare Sarah Palin's "per diem" payments to those of State Senator Hollis French, the democrat leading the "troopergate" investigation.

According to the detailed report of expenses for the dates 1 July 07 to 30 Jun 08, Governor Palin was paid a total of $5,212.91. In the same time period, Hollis French was paid per diem of $25,009.12.

This seems pretty extravagant, especially when you consider that Senator French lives in Anchorage, where I imagine he does much of his work.  Just like Governor Palin.

Now this doesn't include individual payments of less than $1,000, but it's still pretty interesting.

Do you think the Washington Post would be interested... nahhhh of course not.

[UPDATE] - Hollis French collects per diem while in Juneau for legislative sessions, since he doesn't have a residence there.  Still, feel free to go to the links and do your own digging.