Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama will win

Obama will win the election.  Not a terrible thing.

The global recession is going to require the United States to start a massive jobs and infrastructure program.  Taxes will have to be raised.  Health care for the unemployed will have to be sorted out.  These are all things that the Democrats are much more poised to handle.  McCain's heart just wouldn't be into it.

I seriously wonder if we are witnessing a paradigm shift.  I predict in 20 years, this election was the year that the business/corporate world switched allegiance from the Republicans to the Democrats.

I think we might see a break-off of the far left from the Democratic Party, which will eventually start to be viewed as the new center.

The Republican party will need to take the next four years to re-identify itself.  I imagine that Palin will play a big part in its turn to social conservative populism.

The mystery to me is what affects the changing demographics will have on the parties.

Whatever happens, I definitely see the United States listing to the left politically.  Good or bad, well that's for the history books to decide.


Palin is said to have abused her power by "failing to act" to prevent her private citizen husband from lobbying to have an Alaskan State Trooper fired, after the trooper tasered an 11-year old, threatened to kill his father, and drank on duty.

Meanwhile, not a word in the media about the "coincidence" that Obama lobbied to get his wife's hospital a $1 million dollar earmark after his wife suddenly received a 250% raise.

Keeping it real.

UPDATE:  J.D. Fisher, from the excellent blog Text Savvy, links to the orginal report in the comments, confirming part of my analysis above.