Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Keep the Sarah Palin hits coming...

The hits and dirt coming flying faster than the right can reply, dilute, rebutt, or explain; but it occurred to me, what's the point. I don't think it matters, because the majority of voters aren't blog reading political junkies, and are going to end up loving Governor Palin, and here is why:

1. Pregnancy - The only thing voters are going to take home from this pass weekend is that her daughter is pregnant and she was forced to talk about it because of horrible Internet rumors. Palin 1 - Left 0.

2. Flip flops on the bridge to nowhere. The general public doesn't care. Every single politician they have ever heard about has been accused of flip flopping. Once the words bridge and Alaska are mentioned, the rest is going to sound like "blah, blah, blah..."

3. Troopergate: any 60 minutes investigation is going to end up with this simple conclusion. The trooper in question did for a fact at least do the following: taser an 11 year old, threaten to kill Governor Palins parents, drink on duty in his patrol car, and all he got was 5 days suspension.

4. Charm. The simple fact is that she is very very charming and articulate. As soon as the first interviews are shown on network TV, the public will come away with the impression that she has her shit together.

5. America will identify with her. She has more in common with the average American than any national politician in decades.

So bring on the dirt, the rumors, the accusations; All publicity is good publicity, at least in Governor Palin's case.


Randy said...

Don't worry about us. You're doing a great job. Just do whatever you feel like doing (or not). Much appreciated. As you say, most Americans aren't blog-reading political junkies.