Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Irony of left wing attacks of Sarah Palin...

Let's be absolutely honest here. McCain gambled. I am not denying it. I understand the left wing attacks on her. They recognize that she is charming, and has the potential to destroy Obama/Biden in the election, but here is the irony in their concentrated attacks.

McCain can not cut her loose period. If McCain cut her loose, nothing short of capturing Obama on video having crumpets with Osama Bin Laden would be enough to win the election. That is a fact.

All the attacks and dirt dug up in the next week (I doubt it will take longer than that, and I suspect most of the major dirt has already been found), and unless they come up with a true smoking gun, it will all fade into memory within two to three weeks.

At that point, the McCain/Palin ticket will simply rest on how well she handles the media.

Now I am going to wait right here, but go over to youtube and watch every Palin video you can find. Go... now... I'll be here when you get back.

Ok, your finished finally.

Now honestly, what were your opinions.

Exactly. "Wow" is exactly what I thought. She is frickin good.

The media will start every interview with the full intention of ripping her to shreds, but once she flashes that smile and lets out that self depreciating laugh a few times, the reporters or more importantly the audience will be putty in her hands.

The haters will always be haters, but we don't need their votes. We need the votes of those middle class working Americans who will realize that Palin is just like them.

Sorry, got off track there. Bottom Line: concentrated attacks help us since they will blow over sooner. McCain won't get rid of her, so no use trying.


vbspurs said...

Exactly. "Wow" is exactly what I thought. She is frickin good.

Exceptional. And charming, warm, modest and smart as a whip. Biden won't know what hit him.

Oh and Parentalcation, consider yourself Blogrolled. ;)

(Seriously, though, great blog)

Victoria (Via a kind commenter who referred me to your blog, but I also saw you on Althouse)