Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Talented and Gifted... what a waste!

How can our schools be expected to teach the average child when they can't even teach the gifted students. My son is in the talented and gifted (TAG) program this year. It's a pull out program that involves pulling him out of his normal class one afternoon a week. Today I went to the school district office to speak to the administrator about the curriculum that they would be using. I was quite disappointed to learn that there would be no accelerated learning, instead they would by using constructivism to learn the same material as everyone else, but more in depth. My son was placed in the program because of his math skills, so I was hoping that they would be able to challenge him by teaching him at a faster pace. He has long since learned the multiplication tables, but instead of moving right along to division, he will have to wait another two months while every one else masters 7 x 6 = 42. Once again we will have to suck it up at home to challenge our children, but with the hour of homework, soccer practice, the baby, our homework, dinner, its getting more and more difficult to find the time.


elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I'm glad that I found your site through the Public Education Defender site.....It makes me do the happy dance to see a parent who wants to get involved enough to create a forum on the web for his views.

I agree with you concerning the TAG program. My district also follows the philosophy of teaching the same regular grade level curriculum but more in depth.

If we truly want to implement differentiation to meet students individually where they are at academically we must be willing to focus on our TAG kids just as much as the kids who are struggling. Kids who are ready to soar should be given the tools to do so.

Believe me many educators are just as frustrated as you are.