Friday, September 01, 2006

More Homework

Joanne Jacobs comments on the same homework article that I posted about the other day. While I normally agree with Joanne's views on education, on this subject I have to disagree. She mentions the highly successful KIPP Academies as an example of successful schools that assign lots of homework, but it is unrealistic to expect that level of commitment from the public education system at large. There does have to be a balance between family time, play, and education. I still believe that the best solution is to implement more effective teaching methods in the 8 hours that the school systems have with our children already.


Dennis Fermoyle said...

I read earlier this summer that 20 minutes per grade of homework should be given per night. In other words, a 3rd grader should have about an hour, and a senior in high school should have about four hours. That sounded a little high to me, and over the weekend, I talked to my son, who just began teaching 3rd grade in Iowa. He said that he understood that 10 minutes per grade was about right. That would mean that a 3rd grader would have about a half-hour and the senior would have about two hours. That sounds more like it to me, but to tell the truth, I suspect that there are quite of few seniors at our school who don't do anything close to that.