Saturday, September 30, 2006

Parental Education

My blog's name is a cross between the words "parental" and "education"... so in going with that theme, I would like to give a little bit of parental education.

1. Set high standards for your children and they will live up to them. (be happy if they turn out just a little bit better than you did)

2. Always give more praise than criticism constructive criticism. (At least 3 to 1 ratio)

3. Teach them to do chores at an early age. (especially if you have 5 kids).

4. Hug them every single day... twice a day if you can. (more if your lucky, those teenagers don't give them out easily)

5. Set an example in ALL things. Always do right. (They will do as you do, not as you say)

6. Remember they can teach you a thing or two. (i.e. your not always right)

7. When they say "You just don't understand" no amount of argument is going to convince them that you actually do understand. (after all we could never have been their age)

8. Do everything in your power to avoid volunteering to be a soccer coach. (I have yet to heed my own advice)

9. Remember, when you are old, you will want the same amoumt of attention from them that they want from you now. (it might be the difference between a nursing home and an in-laws suite)

10. Take a break. Go have a beer. It really will help you put things in perspective. (beer got you through college, it can get you through parenthood)

Famous quotes from kids:

"Dad you look just like He-man, except he has muscles."

"Mom, did you have your wrinkles when you were a kid?"

Good evening