Tuesday, September 26, 2006

School of the Future Watch

Safety Concerns For School Of The Future Students

The 170 freshmen at Philadelphia’s High School of the Future have been advised to give up their school-issued laptop computers, if threatened.

The students at the High School of the Future are among nearly 300 in Philadelphia schools with district-issued laptops. They may carry them to and from school, but it’s often through high-crime neighborhoods. The district has bought insurance for the laptops and software that allows any missing laptops to be traced.

Over the next two years, the Philadelphia School District plans to have 25-thousand laptop computers available to students and nearly half of those will go home with students.

With such a hot commodity, many parents are concerned about the safety of students traveling to and from school.

Its actually kind of sad that these students have to be worried about things like this. Not only will these students suffer because of their reliance on laptops vs. text books, but they also have to worry about crime. Even though the laptops can be replaced, I hope the SOF has enough foresight to have the kids backup their school work on to a server.