Thursday, October 26, 2006

Educating School Teachers

Via Edspresso, I just read this report on Educating School Teachers.

Frankly, it is too depressing to quote, but can be summed up as saying that our current system of educating teachers leaves a lot to be desired.

I have seriously been considering a second career in education after I retire from the Air Force in a few years, but reading this report certainly makes it a tough decision.

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While Teachers unions fight against merit pay, I myself would prefer it. Of course I have never been accused of being modest, and have a competitive nature that would love the challenge of proving myself in a way that would allow me to see concrete results for any effort or skill I put into a job. I wonder how many other potential teachers there are out there like me; intelligent, hardworking, and looking for a challenge, but staying away from a job that doesn't provide any concrete feedback or award for accomplishments.


Darren said...

I have an SAT score and high school and college GPAs that I'll stack up against anyone's.

I became a teacher shortly after becoming a father. I didn't want the long hours and good money anymore, I wanted to be a good dad. Getting lots of time off during the year is an added bonus. Remember: for me, a 40-hour work week includes some overtime work!

Make your own call. But if you think you're too smart to be a teacher--I think elitism is not the only thing holding you back.

rory said...

Perhaps what I wrote came across wrong. Its not that I think I am too smart to become a teacher because it doesnt require intelligence. Instead it would be my intelligence that would alow me to see the flaws in the current system (just as you are fond of pointing out in your own blog).

I am getting ready to retire after 20 years in the Air Force. Even though I have enjoyed my travels, the career I did never challenged me and I always bristled at some of the idiotic policys and ways of doing things.

Its just that I know I am capable of going into several fields where I might be better rewarded and have more automony.

With six kids, no job is going to give me enough time, but summers off would be a bonus.