Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Essays and College

Why don't we just combine the college entrance essay requirement with the SAT essay. Eliminate all the editing, hand-wringing, and yes... cheating that goes with the typical college entrance essay. Give every student 25 minutes to express themselves and demonstrate their writing abilities.


rightwingprof said...

I'm going to guess that an admissions officer would say that the essay isn't just a writing assessment, but also a way into the student's head. IOW, I suspect universities want to look for specific ideas and therefore, need to set their own essay topics.

But I'm just guessing.

rory said...

Probably true, but I am skeptical that college admission essays accurately reflect the "student". With all the advice and preperation, its not to hard for students to game the system.

I think an extemporaneous essay written on a particular subject would give you a more accurate picture of who the student is.

Dennis Fermoyle said...

Hi Rory,

I feel badly that I've kind of lost touch with you. No whining intended, but I've been so busy that it's all I can do just to make a post or two a week, and check my comments. That's why I never saw your comment on my earlier post until just now. Looking at the gap between your last two posts, it looks like you're going through the same thing. I can handle outside reading, but after spending the time I do at school, I've got to drag myself to the computer to read any educational blogs these days. I feel badly that I'm not checking out "old friends" often enough. In any case, I hope all is well, and my condolences regarding your Trojans. And no condolences for the Vikings are necessary in return. Anyone who's followed them long enough knew they'd collapse at some point in the season. Better now than getting our hopes up and breaking our hearts like they've done so often in the past.