Monday, February 12, 2007

My first education policy proposal

Jenny D asks "how do you know if a teacher is really implementing DI, or any kind of instruction?"

Most states (if not all) have alternate teacher certification programs. Often they revolve around content knowledge (especially in math and science).

Perhaps private organizations, such as the National Institute for Direct Instruction should create their own certification programs in conjunction with a forward looking state. These schools would directly compete with education colleges and schools in certifying teachers. Once certified in providing direct instruction, these teachers would be 100% certified to go directly into teaching without further training.

Of course there are many limitations, including opposition by teachers unions and the education establishment. The newly certified teachers would also need to find positions in schools that supported their methodology.

If school choice (competition) is good for schools, why wouldn't it be good for the institutions that produce teachers?


Dennis Fermoyle said...

Rory, have you heard from any teachers who have implemented Direct Instruction? Last August, one of the contributors at California Livewire did a post about a workshop they'd attended, and it sounded like they were going that route. I contacted the teacher who did the post, and was told that they were going to do a post about how it was going for them in practice. I kept looking for the post, but they haven't had any since November. I assume they got blogged out.

I'd really like to hear from any public school elementary teachers who have tried Direct Instruction, especially if they hadn't been using it before. I'd also like to hear from any elementary teachers about why they aren't using it. It really is a mystery to me.

Parentalcation said...

Funny enough, I searched that same web site for feedback.

You might email these guys.

Its Eagle River Charter School in Anchorage, Ak. A little google seach will reveal many schools that use DI to various degrees.

Also check out Ken's website.