Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Todays Kids

Right Wing Nation goes off on todays kids (and adults)

Students. Don't. Read.

When undergraduates don't understand why they can't use LOL! in a research paper, we have a serious problem.
That's what I have gotten every time I have caught a student cheating and talked to him about it. And I've noticed that in the last few years, students show no shame or embarrassment, no guilt, no remorse.
My grade was my responsibility, and my parents were not going to let me get away with foisting it off on somebody else.
Every student thinks the rules don't apply to him — just everybody else.
We're endlessly entertained by Jessica Simpson's acne, Britney Spears' wearing no panties in public, and the most recent idiotic comments by the airheaded morons in Hollywood.
Turn on almost any one of the so-called educational shows (either kids' shows or what passes for documentaries these days) and you are fed a string of those context-free soundbytes.
We need to reassert morality and ethics. We need to reassert personal responsibility and end this culture of endless victimization and entitlement. And we need to act before we commit cultural suicide.
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Rachel's Tavern said...

I think the internet has made cheating much worse.

I've had several students I have caught cutting and pasting directly from the internet.

There are others that are more crafty. They only copy an occasional sentence or paragraph.

But by far the greatest problem is that they have no clue whatsoever about citations. Especially intext citations.

Parentalcation said...

If I was an instructor, I would insist on electronic copies of all papers. That way I could run them through one of the programs designed to catch plagarism.

The amazing thing is people who plagerize and still turn in crappy work.