Friday, April 13, 2007

Welcome back to me and the "whole language" debate

I was in Florida for most of the last week so unfortunately, I missed commenting on the the "whole language" debate. This also explains my lack of posting. Some initial thoughts...

1. It was a debate that wasn't a debate.

2. Nancy seemed to confuse phonics with "DI". Two separate issues.

3. The comments were very educational and some great points were made.

4. Ken was way to nice... and Nancy didn't even approach giving a coherent argument... come on... case studies???

5. It was so cool that my blog got a mention, even if it was by the "enemy".

6. Nancy is more of a "whole language" idealist versus a "whole language" intellectual.


ms-teacher said...

Hope you enjoyed your vacation and welcome back :)

Parentalcation said...

Thats ms-teacher... I did enjoy it, despite the constant rain.