Friday, June 29, 2007

An argument against parent choice...

Much has been made about giving parents the opportunity to make choices for their children, often with the mantra that "parents know best", but in somethings I would beg to differ.

By all accounts my parents were ideal. My mom had a Bachelors Degree, My father graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Masters Degree in math. They emigrated to New Zealand when I was baby, where my father got a job as a math teacher. Yet... they still made a conscious decision to dress me, my brother, and my sisters like this... and then take a picture to record it for posterity.

Of course by posting it on the internet, there is an argument to be made that I am an even bigger fool.


Anonymous said...

Thank god my mother did not know how to knit. The floral couch looks very familiar. I think we had the green version.

nbosch said...

Consider me old fashioned but I've always love the "vest and shorts" look. hehe