Thursday, June 21, 2007

On Point : IQ Testing Issues - IQ Testing Issues

On Point : IQ Testing Issues - IQ Testing Issues

I was listening to NPR today and ended up screaming at the ignorance of the commenter's. I am going to paraphrase what Stephen Murdoch, who wrote IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea, had to say about IQ tests.

IQ tests don't measure intelligence, they measure knowledge, verbal and math ability, reading skills, and abstract problem solving ability
Makes you wonder what the definition of intelligence is.


Liz said...

Rory, you might be interested in Kevin McGrew's collection of blogs

IQ's Corner

Tick Tock Talk ("An attempt to track the "pulse" of contemporary research and theory regarding the psychology/neuroscience of brain-based mental/interval time keeping. In addition, the relevance of neuroscience research to learning/education will also be covered.")

He is also building "mind maps" or "evolving webs of knowledge" (EWOK) on brain timekeeping.

and a EWOK on the WJ-III