Monday, July 16, 2007

Too Cool

From Tony via Darren at Right on the Left Coast

Easy Graphical Multiplication Trick - video powered by Metacafe

No, I still don't support Everyday Math.


Tony said...

In all fairness, That's not the video I posted. But it is pretty cool, although trying to do it with large numbers fills up an awful lot of paper. The one I sent doesn't seem to work beyond 3 digit numbers at all. As intriguing as all of these different algorithms are, the all seem to have limitations. I wonder how many different ones we actually have time to teach?

TR said...

The process works just fine if you realize its just multiplication ...

Watch the video and remember the steps, each column below is the same as a vertical line down the grid ...


Parentalcation said...

Sorry Tony, the link you had posted took me to a generic page, and I assumed it was this one.

Good explanation TR. To tell the truth, my brain has been scrambled this week due to an exercise at work, so I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around it completely.

Tony said...

I see your point. The one I was looking at is at and is entitled Fast Multipication.