Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alaska, termination dust, and more homework

Have I mentioned how awesome Alaska is? The people are unbelieveably friendly, not fake friendly like in the south, really seriously friendly.

Last week we got "termination dust" on the mountains. When you see snow settling on the peaks of the mountains, you know that that it will be snowing in the city within a few weeks. It is natures way of telling us that summer is over, and winter is here. (There isn't much of a fall)

We have managed to get a handle on the four kids homework.

We used to make the kids do it as soon as they got home from school, but because school starts and ends late here (930 - 330), we let the kids play until dinner, and then do their homework. It gives them and us a break after school and work to relax and unwind before dealing with the tears...

Our biggest problem is that one of our 4th graders teachers gives more homework than the other one. It causes a few problems, but we usually supplement the homework to mitigate the problems.

In other news, a guy from work brought in some smoked salmon today... OMG was it good. I am so taking up fishing next year.

To Rightwingprofessor: No moose BBQ yet, but we have a family of three moose hanging out in our backyard.

I swear once I get settled in more, I will have more sarky commentary. For now go read D-Edreckoning... he had attitude and facts.


Redkudu said...

"...not fake friendly like in the south..."

Hey! I resent that! It's just too darn hot down here for real friendly. Plus, all you forreners are here one day, gone to Alaska the next...it just leads to heartbreak.

Seriously though, glad you are settled in and got a warm welcome. What are your thoughts on the differing levels of 4th grade homework? (And the supplementation it requires.)

Parentalcation said...

The crazy thing about the differing levels of homework is that it really doesn't have much effect on learning.

IMHO, the most effective homework is simple things like writing out spelling words, math worksheets (to a point), and reading.

My list of useless homework includes word searches, reading worksheets, and anything that comes close to being confusing.

To prevent jealousy, we have our two 4th graders do their homework in different rooms and then add small timefillers to the kid with less homework.

You got to do what you got to do.

Here is what I don't understand... the school only has two classes of each grade... the two fourth grade classes are right beside each other. Why can't they collaborate?

Redkudu said...

"Why can't they collaborate?"

Because, and you've probably seen me say this before, the idea of collaberation might sacrifice that sacredly held belief: teachers get to have autonomy in their classrooms. No matter if "their way" is effective or not.

rightwingprof said...

Family of three, eh? A .30-06 should work.

We went to school from 8:30 - 3:30. When did they cut school hours?

I'm betting that in a year, we'll see you on one of those gold prospecting shows on the outdoor channel. Heh.