Saturday, September 15, 2007

My (I mean my sons) first progress report

I got my sons first weekly progress report today, and he was missing one assignment.

Last Friday, he gave me a copy of his weekly home journal, which I read then promptly forgot.

I guess I was meant to not only sign it, but also write back comments for him to turn in on Monday.

So he did the writing, but because his father mess up, he gets dinged with a missing assignment.

I didn't realize I would be graded this year.

I sure hope I am not required to do a science project...

Don't worry though, I already did my assignment this Friday. I signed my name in my best cursive, and wrote a three sentence paragraph. The paper is already back in my sons folder.

p.s. to be fair, we love Alaska, and the school is pretty well run (except the whole curriculum thing, but you can't have everything).


ms-teacher said...

There have been times where I have given points for students bringing something back signed and/or docked points. However, my preferred method is offering something of value to my students, such as a bit of free time on Friday, a pencil and even on occasion some candy.

At my school, we send out yellow cards on Friday with students grades. We have some parents who never receive a yellow card and then when progress reports go out, we are inundated with angry phone calls. Some kids won't bring back anything signed unless there is something attached to it.

however, I've never made a parent signature worth so much that it would endanger the grade of a student.