Monday, March 03, 2008

Leave Obama Alone

"How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of Barack Obama after all he has gone through..." wait, I meant Britney Spears.

Sorry, but thats how Obama supporters come across to me. Exhibit 1: this comment from O.J.

Hillary, her "husband," his intern and their cigar, are much more a celebrity that Sen. Obama is, so you Hil-hacks need to continue to WORK ON YOUR MESSAGE.

Luckily, after tomorrow, there will be plenty of time to do that...

Also, srsly dude! Barack scares me too.

The only thing than scares me more that Big black people are sinewy and hungry looking black people. Black people who appear smarter than me terrify me. I get an uncontrollable urge to make the sign of the cross at Black people who wear reading glasses. Black people whom other white people like and listen to, particularly, give me the chill. I fear and loath Oprah, Condi Rice, and especially Don Cheadle.Making fun of these people helps me to feel more powerful. Damn you, Don Cheadle...

Making fun of these people helps me to feel more powerful.

Damn you, Don Cheadle...

I don't really get the sarcasm since my fear of Obama has to do with his cult like status among his worshipers fans?(I mean supporters) as opposed to his race.

On another note, I had to google Don Cheadle. I had no idea who he was.

And remember, if Obama doesn't scare you, his cult followers should.


J.D.Fisher said...

If I scare you, you should let me know. I've been an Obama supporter from Day One.

I looked for you in the video of the AAF rally, or whatever that group was that provided the raucous backdrop for McCain's visit.

Almost made him seem popular. I truly can't see how anyone that helped his backstabbing opponent send soldiers into that mess could be seen as a hero today.

The military has a long memory, I suppose. Or a short one. Who knows?

Parentalcation said...

Somehow I doubt that you fall under the category of bandwagon supporter, but if you...

1. cry over lame Obama videos

2. swoon over his speeches

3. compare him to the 2nd coming of christ

4. are planning on flying to Alaska to bring down the wrath of Obama on my head

then yes you would scare me.

Sidebar: It's hard to seperate the man from the movement, but its entirely possible I could end up voting for him. I started out as a Hillary supporter, but her economic policies have turned me off. I like McCain (mainly cause his daughter is so hot... JK) because he is such a maverick (relatively). The problem with Obama is that he is so hard to pin down. His wifes "proud of this country" comment really did rub me the wrong way, but he isn't out of it. I swear I am the swingiest of voters.

Don't take my Obama hating too seriously, I mainly do it to annoy my mom and sister (Obama supporters).

rightwingprof said...

I think before I faint I'll go watch that latest music video for Obama.

Then I'll faint. Maybe I'll cry first for a while. But I'll definitely faint. Then write Obama a love letter.

NYC Educator said...

If you don't know who Don Cheadle is, it's because you never saw Devil in a Blue Dress, a really underrated film. You ought to check it out.