Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Teaching in the 408: Meet Jake:

Jake's a graduating senior at Yale, with only a few days left, which means that as you read this, he is either hungover or drunk.
Jake's gonna report for duty at the TFA Los Angeles Training Institute sometime in the middle of June. He doesn't know how to diagnose, scaffold, or assess. He doesn't know what CELDT stands for and wouldn't know what to do with that information even if he did. Jake thinks objectives are something second-tier applicants put on the top of resumes and he's generally aware that standardized tests are badbadverybad, but couldn't really tell you why in any great detail.
Let's hope the smart-and-excited-trumps-experienced gamble pays off.

Let's hope like hell, cuz Jake or someone like him will be in room D2 next year, teaching my kids. I resign on Monday.
TMAO, a TFA alumni is resigning. I loved reading his blog, but it just won't be the same if he isn't teaching. Without his personal stories, he will be nothing but another highly educated, articulate, ex-teacher pontificating on the problems with education. Want to bet he ends up as a policy wonk at some education think thank? I will also give you 50/50 odds that he writes a heart wrenching book about how the young idealistic teacher ventured into the inner city to save the poor brown masses, but was stymied by the evil establishment.

Then again, maybe he will open up his own charter school, that's what all the cool TFA alumni do.

Note: Yes I am cynical today, but I spent all last week researching education programs for after I retire, and one of my favorite teacher blogger quits. Oh well, there is always dy/dan.

p.s. Just came across another TFA quitter.