Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Quick and the Ed

The Quick and the Ed

Kevin Carey comments on TFA haters:

And while it may be frustrating to advocates for the professionalization agenda that TFA complicates their narrative, that's no excuse for wasting valuable time and energy trying to tear down a program that unambiguously makes the world a better place.
"unambiguously" is a might strong word isn't it. There are many arguments about how TFA might not make the world a better place. I previously laid one out here, which boils down to the suspicion that the media's obsession with TFA deflects from other reforms that could make a much more significant dent in educational outcomes.


Darren said...

Having just met (and blogged about) Michelle Rhee, who founded TFA, I'm convinced she knows what she's doing. I also know a TFA alum, and she's a pretty good teacher in her own right.

I, too, am an alum of an alternative certification program, so I certainly don't have a bias against them. And being a victim of the ed school at Sacramento State, and reading about so many similar programs, I'm no fan of these teacher colleges.

TMAO said...


Michelle Rhee founded TNTP, not TFA.