Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The good things...

Good things my kids teachers are doing this year:

3rd grade:  
- My 3rd grade daughters teacher is methodical about measuring my daughters reading level then setting a short and long term goal.
- The teacher is drilling the kids on subtraction and addition facts prior to starting the multiplication facts

5th grade:  
- My son and daughters teacher religiously updates their online homework page and also uses an online grade book.
- He also returns all work, and gives the kids an option to correct sub-par work to get a higher grade.  For example if my son corrects a paper that got 6 out of 10, then he can get it changed to a 8.

8th grade:
- OK, I am out of touch with my 8th graders teachers.  She is getting A's and B's though, so no complaints, except of course for the stupid projects.