Friday, October 10, 2008

Cheering the Crash

I have a guilty admission to make.

I love that the market is crashing.  I started cheering out loud today when the market went below 8,000.

I had cashed out of the market last year right before I moved to Alaska, to pay off some debt.  Now I am about to start buying again.

Things are going to get pretty bad, but Alaska will do better than most places. I have a government job and my wife is a recession proof nurse.

Interesting times.


JD said...

Just wanted to (a) thank you for the link and (b) make a wish for 7,500.

Let's go below 7,500 baby! I'm with you on this one. How low can we go? Come on. Sell! Sell!

Parentalcation said...

7,500 is my target to.

If I had the guts to day trade, I might of made a fortune in the market the last week. Wild, crazy swings.