Thursday, October 02, 2008

Doggone it Joe, you lost...

Ok, Palin finally redeemed herself.  Maybe it was low expectations, but it's clear she got more positives out of the debate than Senator Biden.


- Obama will still win (sorry, it's just to big of an uphill battle)

- Palin set her self up as a heavy favorite to be the first woman President (in a few years)

- You will shortly see a youtube clip of Joe Biden about to cry

Bottom line: I still can't vote for McCain because of the bailout vote, but I will write in Governor Palin's name.  (Don't worry, I live in Alaska.  I won't affect the outcome of the race)


CrypticLife said...

Her positives were not making herself look like a complete idiot. That's not really great.

I'm honestly surprised you're so resistant to fluff talk on education, Rory, and so willing to swallow it from an attractive (sort of) political candidate.

The woman couldn't name a single supreme court case she disagreed with other than Roe v. Wade. She doesn't even begin to understand the implications when she says she believe the Constitution gives a right to privacy, or who she's agreeing or disagreeing with. If you asked her where the right to privacy is, I'm willing to bet she'd have no idea what to say. She likely doesn't know what the executive powers of the president are beyond veto authority.


Obama will still win (I'm not really very happy about him, either)

Palin will never be President, but may successfully run for Senate (I don't think Senate really suits her, so maybe she'll reconsider).

You won't affect the outcome of the race :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, she really redeemed herself--she didn't fall flat on her face when given the opportunity to mouth empty talking points for most of the debate. What a winner!

Too bad none of the polls support your little fantasy that she actually won.

Not to mention this lovely moment: Joe Biden tears up alluding to his family tragedy. Palin responds w/her "John McCain is full of mavericky goodness!" bullshit. What a classy lady!

Biden focused on making his own points, not on tripping her up. If it had been necessary for him to really debate her, she would have been toast. Gwen Ifill is a waste of space.

Parentalcation said...

Not to mention this lovely moment: Joe Biden tears up alluding to his family tragedy.

I actually thought that was Biden's weakness. It sort of seemed out of place... then the emotion disappeared on a dime... what was that? Made me think he was trying to pull a Hillary Clinton.

I am continually surprised that people keep talking about her experience/knowledge (Supreme Court). Take a look around... experience and knowledge hasn't gotten us very far.

I'd rather take common sense and a real empathy with the average american any day.

Anyways... back to education blogging.

Thanks for commenting guys

tft (The Frustrated Teacher) said...

Experience and knowledge haven't gotten us very far? Really Rory? It got us computers, satellites, medicines, and lots of other good stuff.

I think your notion of experience and knowledge need revamping!

nbosch said...

You'd think she might have mentioned the Valdez ruling which she had spoken of disagreeing with last year. OK, maybe she got flustered...but could name one newspaper or magazine she reads??? What about the Wasilla Times?

I think her handlers put the fear of God in her and fill her with so much info she was on brain overload.

Anonymous said...

Biden's emotion stemmed from the memory of wondering whether Beau would survive the accident that killed his sister and mother combined with the knowlege that the very next day Beau leaving for Iraq. No doubt Joe is again worrying about whether or not his son will survive. There was absolutely nothing planned or contrived about that moment. It would take a very hard heart indeed to see that moment as political theatre.

Anonymous said...

Actually, things were pretty good the last time we had a president who valued knowledge. The last eight years have provided ample evidence that government by gut instinct rather than knowledge doesn't work very well.

Parentalcation said...

I completely agree anonymous.

The last decent President was Bill Clinton who has the same sort of experience as Sarah Palin.

Screw Biden, McCain, and Obama.

tft (The Frustrated Teacher) said...


Clinton was Governor, for 3 terms, of a larger state, and he is brilliant. There's just no comparison, save a forced one like yours.

Obama shares Clinton's smarts.

McCain is not a smart man.

Palin has not appeared to know very much about very much, and she has been wrong about very much.

Why do you shun the idea of Obama? He is clearly the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Clinton was also a policy wonk who surrounded himself by other policy wonks. People who were interested in public policy, people who studied public policy, people who debated the implications of any particular public policy.

Clinton's academic background was in government and policy. Palin's background is journalism, yet she apparently wasn't the best student, as she refers to freedom of the press as a "privilege" that is being abused and any follow up questions as "gotcha" journalism.

Anonymous said...

Given the current events (finding of undue influence in trying to get her former brother-in-law fired), it would appear that she is also in over her head as Gov.