Saturday, November 01, 2008

He is running for President, not Messiah

If Obama wins, promise me that there wont be any more youtube videos like this:

and this

and this


tft said...

You know what I don't get? I don't understand how you can conflate the actions of these hopeful people with the implicit notion that Obama has some active role in their actions.

These people are concerned about the country, see in Obama a chance to turn things around, however slightly, and that makes them hopeful. That is good for everybody, no?

The fact that Obama's candidacy is exciting folks has very little to do with Obama; it has to do with the folks who are happy to have a candidate that is likely to do more good than harm, as opposed to the last 8 years and the prospect of 4 more with McCain.

It also says something that you feel the need to seek out these silly videos and post them as some sort of black (haha) mark on Obama. You don't like him, or his policies, or something; but are your feelings because of these videos, or because hope frightens you? Or do black people frighten you? Teh gay?

C'mon, Rory. Get hope!

Parentalcation said...


A. Obama likes these musical tributes to them, in which case he is an egotistical maniac, or...

B. Obama thinks they are a bit creepy.

I am guessing B.

I don't blame Obama for these videos, but I do blame the "cult" that somehow believes that Obama is going to change the world.

p.s. black people don't frighten me, but weird white people that idolize someone just because he is black do creep me out.

nbosch said...

But you gotta love these guys

Anonymous said...

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