Friday, March 20, 2009

Palin screws the pooch...

ADN: Palin rejects over 30% of stimulus money By SEAN COCKERHAM and ERIKA BOLSTAD

The biggest single chunk of money Palin is turning down is about $170 million for education, including money that would go for programs to help economically disadvantaged and special needs students. Anchorage School Superintendent Carol Comeau said she is "shocked and very disappointed" that Palin would reject the money.

Anchorage Democratic Rep. Les Gara suggested that Palin is pandering to voters outside Alaska to further her own political ambitions.

"I'm worried the governor is taking this sort of national political stance which is that she's going to be the opposite of Barack Obama on everything," he said. ," he said.
Got to agree here.  Always take free money.

It's silly to worry about the money being taken away in a few years... when was the last time the government got rid of spending...

She is trying to be a Sanford wannabe.


mazenko said...

I couldn't agree more. The suddenly holier-than-thou conservative resurgence on spending - at a time federal spending has a significant case - reveals a sad submission to ideology over common sense.

As I see it, Democrats are practically salivating over a 2012 Republican ticket of Palin-Jindal.

Anonymous said...

Redundant. She is either trying to be a Sanford, or is a Sanford wannabe.

Also, there is no such thing as a free lunch. You take the money, it will come with strings. Ask the banks that took TARP money and are now trying to give it back.