Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Straight A's

Yey!  I got two A's in college courses, despite being TDY (traveling) every other week during the entire session, and basically hacking the final projects and papers in a few hours on the day they were due.

Four classes to go to get my Bachelor's degree!

I am taking the next 6 week session off though.  I think I am going to do one class at a time starting in the summer, finishing up sometime in October.

Time to start looking at graduate degrees.  I am thinking about accounting.


ms-teacher said...

Bravo! I know how tough it is trying to get a degree whilst raising a family. It took me 7 years! Some day I'll share my journey on my blog :)

nbosch said...

Kudos to you, what happened to being a teacher and solving all the ills of public education. I'm retiring and was counting on you.

Parentalcation said...

I'm still open to the teaching thing. Have to get the Bachelors degree first.

As to solving the ill's of education, I think I am going to give up.

Face it, success and college entrance are all graded on a curve.

Better my kid's succeed, and the rest slack off ;)

rightwingprof said...

You know accounting firms work like law firms, yes? And accounting may not be the safest job market these days, at least not until the nuts lose control of Congress.

Parentalcation said...

I am at least three or four years away from getting my Masters anyway, and by then the economy should be better.

Ideally though, I will snag a federal government job using my veterans preference.... great for job security and decent benefits.

That's if I don't go into teaching.

Goto have a backup.

rightwingprof said...

"by then the economy should be better"

Not if Obama gets his way.