Friday, May 22, 2009

Final Wrap-Up

I know the phrase "wrap-up" is probably wrong considering the sparse posting I have done lately, but here it is anyway.

8th grade girl - Straight A's - Honors classes next year in High School

5th grade boy - Straight A's - Scored 600 our of 600 on the Math SBA (NCLB test) - Taking pre-algebra at the local middle school next year.

5th grade girl - A's and B's - Scored advanced on math SBA's

3rd grade girl - Improved 2 grade levels on reading in a single year - Scored advanced in reading and math - Definately gets the "Most Improved" title

3 year old - Can count to 10 - Can say her ABC's - Thinking about starting her on 100 Easy Lessons to read next year

Soon to be born girl (Octoberish) - Trying to decide on a cool old school name - Kicks pretty well