Monday, October 16, 2006

More Advice for Teachers

mellowman, one of my commenter’s made a great suggestion/remark.

He said he liked class websites that allow parents and students to see and/or download homework assignments.

This is one of those great ideas that would require an extraordinary amount of discipline from the teacher. Updating a website can be a time consuming practice, but the benefits would be immense.

Perhaps teachers should create a blog for each class. With today’s web based tools, it would only take a few minutes to create a blogger post and upload it to a website. They could do a short post outlining the homework assignments and any class notes. If they had electronic copies of any worksheets it should be relatively simple to upload it as well.


MellowOut said...

The only school where I saw a web site being used effectively was a high school where teachers posted worksheets, class notes, and links to resources for major class projects (no daily homework was posted). The web site was maintained by the school's head librarian/technical advisor. She uploaded anything the teachers sent her via e-mail. Because she had so many other duties (district-wide), she wasn't able to update immediately, which was why there were no daily homework assignments posted. Therefore, I think the most efficient way to have a school-wide site (grade databases, homework, etc.) would be to have a person on staff whose job was to maintain the site. But since that's not always possible or affordable, I think teachers could do it on an individual basis.

Just so you know, I'm a she. ; )

rory said...

Sorry mellowout. Ease of updating is one reason why I think blogger or equivalent blogging software would be ideal for updating a class website. It would literally take less than 2 minutes to type a post and upload it. For example... In less than 30 sec's I typed this.

Do Odd problems on P64. Review 4 - 5 times tables. Dont forget permission slip for field trip, bring back signed by friday.

Easy peasy...