Monday, October 16, 2006

Parental Struggles Update

Just clarification of my earlier post Parental Struggles. The school imposed punishment is for one day of in-school suspension.

The idea to attend school with my niece is our punishment in addition to the school punishment. I can think of nothing more embarressing than having your uncle sit in all your 10th grade classes with you and hang out with you at school. I expect I will get some funny stares and a few smart ass comments, but we can not accept behavior like this. Besides, I will get to see the quality of teaching that goes on at our local High School, and I might even learn something.


MellowOut said...

My mother threatened this when my sister was skipping school. The threat alone was enough to make her stop the skipping.

I've actually been in a classroom when a parent attended due to the child's poor behavior, but this was an elementary classroom (third grade). The other kids didn't really seem to notice or care, but I think that's because of their young age. Teenagers might have a good laugh over someone else's parent being in the room. You'll definitely get stares. Make sure you follow her into the lunch line and talk about healthy choices. That would be really fun.