Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is Teaching in the 408 going to bolt?

The first week back to work/school is always rough, but do I detect hints that Teaching in the 408 is about fed up.

told the POY I needed a new assignment, not the on-grade level kids necessarily, not the ones who'll do whatever I say and then ask if they can wash my car and go buy me Jamba Juice, but maybe some kids whose classroom existence alters the vast input vs. output imbalance just a little. Maybe some barely there Basic kids, and I'll make sure every one is proficient and redesignated by the end of the year. They don't need to utilize fluent English, or know how to write, or really know anything at all, but maybe they could possess a little bit longer runway for the skills I'm trying to land on their brains. Because I keep cracking my skull on all the crash-landings and aborted take-offs, and it hurts.


And the email says, you can dramatically impact student outcomes as the Director of various teacher-training programs in Oakland.