Monday, January 08, 2007

parentalcation = parent education

Today I started my online psychology class. I would of preferred a traditional class, but the academic demands of my girlfriends nursing program, six kids, and work mean that I have to continue with online classes. (At least until fall).

Of course with any course I have taken, the first assignment is always to do the introduction. In my web course, this is done through a discussion board. All I have to say is how amazingly inarticulate some of my fellow students are. I know it's a community college, but you think that the students would at least use proper capitalization. I can understand being lazy about contractions, but not even capitalizing the first letter of a college course. What's that about?

I am looking forward to the class though. My instructor's biography said he specialized in learning theory. Hopefully I can stir some good debates.